Well, I decided when I got at all into writing Freedom that I needed help with this. So I began looking at people Not Me (aka of color). Which led me into seeing a whole lot of things, one of which is the lack of diversity in SF.

I ran across a couple of posts on the subject today that I thought were worth looking at:

Race and Science Fiction

It does not matter how much science fiction fans like to pretend like the genre is more liberal than others because of its scope, it isn’t. It definitely has the potential to be however at this point it time it is not there yet by a long shot. Its chances of getting there will also not be helped by wilfully delusional (predominantly white) fans and creators pretending that there is nothing wrong with the genre while an increasing number of fans and creators of colour repeatedly tell them there is.

More Race and Science Fiction (same guy, next day)

So….. You are a science fiction writer who expects me to believe that you are capable of building entirely new universes with new alien cultures or maybe projecting into the future or past of humanity etc.
And at the same time you expect me to believe that you are incapable of writing with any kind of empathy or sensitivity about the people in the world around you based on differences in skin colour/gender/sexual orientation?

Either that’s a cop out or you aren’t a good enough writer for me to be paying attention to anyway.

I like this guy.