1. Tell me more about you. Born in 1962. Married, three grown children, and a family doctor for ten years. I left medical practice in 2000. My spouse just retired; I work at home writing.
  2. What do you write? I have an informational (non-fiction) website. I also write novels. I’ve written science fiction, fantasy and thrillers.  I’m trying my hand at romance lately. Go figure.
  3. What have you published? I ran a patient education website from 2000-2004, and during that time was a (paid) writer and health editor for a now-defunct online subscription business website. A health education pamphlet, several gardening ebooks, and several patient education articles with my real name on them are circulating around the internet. I have some Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft fanfiction out there. I used to run a writers’ group on deviantART and had one story accepted at 55 Fiction. As far as paid fiction, I have two self-published novels under the real name, the second of which just came out.
  4. Do you have pets? I raise angora rabbits. I also have a pond out front with koi and several toads that like the skimmer.
  5. Would you read my story? It depends.
  6. Is it okay to leave anonymous comments? Leave a first name so I have some idea who’s talking. You don’t have to log in or register to comment but your IP is recorded. Also, this is my place. I can delete any comment I want. You don’t like it, don’t post.
  7. Is it okay to leave a comment on an old post? Sure. I get notified of all comments.
  8. Is it okay to email you? Sure. I retain the right to post any email sent to me. You don’t like it, don’t email me.
  9. Is it okay to take pages from here and post them on my site? No. That’s called copyright violation.
  10. Is PL Logan your real name? It’s a pen name. My real name is something else.
  11. Why are you using a pen name? It’s one of the names I publish fiction under. Since I also publish to a different audience under another name, this keeps people from becoming confused as to the content.
  12. So what do I call you? There was this old commercial … you can call me Pat.
  13. Why the title? I was in a discussion on some forum (probably FM) about getting published and it just popped out of my fingertips onto the post. I thought, ‘that would make a great title for a blog’.
  14. Where did you get your header picture? It’s in the public domain.
  15. How about your avatar? A photo I took.