Lots going on here: sons just finished out marching band season (did pretty well!), got two paying non-fiction venues, was asked to contribute to a non-fiction anthology. Way behind on the Think Sideways class. Two novels to crit. And the holidays are coming. So what do I do?

NaNo. (well, unofficially)

Yeah, I know, taking on too much again. But I got this idea for a world that I had to explore, and this is a good time for it.

This is more a seat of the pants thing than anything else, but it’s going well. Off to a slow start from migraines brought on by too much weekend, but today is looking very good indeed.


Two things:

Tobias Buckell is back in the hospital … with a pulmonary embolism, no less. A doctor’s nightmare. Sending lots of good thoughts, prayers and well wishes his way.

Something more mundane — I’m not finishing NaNo. Which sucks, seeing as I’ve lost two years in a row. But I do have a nice little novella here, so I’m happy about it.

…by the word count meter, things are going pretty well for NaNo. I hope to get more than 50k this month, we’ll see how it goes.

2240 words

Had to research our local stars, and the characteristics of peccaries, but otherwise it was a good writing jag.

I’m rather pleased that I have an idea for NaNoWriMo this year! The basic premise is ‘pandemic in space’.

And that’s all you’re getting.

I’m such a tease.

1400 words today.

This involved a lot of research, and I don’t like this story as well as yesterday’s, but I got it done.

The hail came back last night, but nothing seemed to be damaged, other than our rain gauge (which got its top knocked off).

The boys have a band concert tonight, the last one of the year. They’re signed up for band next year, and I hope they’ll continue in it. The band teachers are excellent in this school system.

The Story a Day is going over at FM. It’s where you use online prompts and try to write a story a day.

Wrote around 1800 words for today’s story.

Had a bit of a scare with a tornado that passed a mile or two north of us, and 3 cm hail. All in a day’s work.

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