This sure applies to writing:


From Minions At Work (by J. Steven York):

I got started reading this because one of my sons has a 12″ GI Joe menagerie and makes home movies using them, so I know what goes into that. And who doesn’t love an evil overlord and his minions?

Broadcasting the Beatles risks alien attack

I couldn’t make this up if I tried…

Nasa started to beam the song towards the North Star, 431 light years from Earth at midnight GMT on Monday, drawing congratulations from former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, who mused that it marked “the beginning of the new age in which we will communicate with billions of planets across the universe.”

But today’s New Scientist asks whether such signals could expose us to the risk of attack from mean spirited aliens.

I’m shaking in my boots here.

/end snark

(found the link on Jay Lake’s blog)

Remember this Star Trek spoof?

Jim Carrey looks so young there. LOL

I almost forgot.

Appointments: 4 (I canceled one, though)

Researched: not much this week

Accomplishment: Started NaNoWriMo! With all that’s gone on the past few weeks I didn’t think I would even get started.

High point: found this great video that I’ll show you in a bit.

Bad thing: One of my sons keeps getting sick at school. We’re headed to the doctor’s tomorrow to see if he can figure it out.

Check this out. This is my kind of party!

I have begun. Progress bar to your right. Booyah.

If you want to play you can go to the JulNoWriMo forums and sign up.

Cthulhu for President