While doing research for my bisexual erotic romance novel, I ran across Marketing Beef: A Gay Romance by Rick Bettencourt and bought it.

Marketing Beef is about an accountant named Evan McCormick who falls for the new guy at work (who is way above his pay grade). A complication involves financial scandal in his company; as the accountant, Evan falls under suspicion.

From the title and blurb, I thought the story would take place in the office. Most of the novel took place while camping, though, and I kept wondering when they were going to get back to the office. I enjoy camping, but the business issues framed the camping trips rather than being an integral part of the plot. While their ‘big fight’ revolved around the scandal, the issue felt tacked on.

The main character and plot lines sometimes seemed contrived – painfully shy yet has multiple former lovers, all who ‘somehow’ end up at the same place? Hmm.

There was one place where I had to page back because of confusion about ‘what body part is going where’ … which may have been an editing issue more than anything else.

That said, the novel was entertaining and had several very funny scenes (‘egg’ in the hair, anyone?). It’s a good solid novel which anyone who enjoys m/m romance would like.

I’ll give this three thumbs up. Nice work.


three thumbs up



Nice article on The Rise and Fall of the Techno-Thriller on this month’s Internet Review of Science Fiction.

Just got done reading Sly Mongoose (which comes out in hardback August 19th), and this is the best one yet.

Set seventy-five years after Ragamuffin, a teenager who supports his family on the planet Chilo by scavenging metal from the toxic surface loses his best friend in a freak accident caused by falling debris. Someone hit the city … from space … and lived!

Who the stranger is, why he’s there, and what he’s running from lead to Tobias Buckell’s wildest SF adventure novel yet, as well as his best-developed characters and plot of the three. If you liked the others, you’ll love this one. He just gets better with every book.

Highly recommended.

They have the novel on preorder at Amazon. For more information, visit Tobias Buckell Online.