prayer requests

Two things:

Tobias Buckell is back in the hospital … with a pulmonary embolism, no less. A doctor’s nightmare. Sending lots of good thoughts, prayers and well wishes his way.

Something more mundane — I’m not finishing NaNo. Which sucks, seeing as I’ve lost two years in a row. But I do have a nice little novella here, so I’m happy about it.


Tobias Buckell is blogging from the hospital.

Go by and give him some good wishes.

It’s been a while.

Appointments: 4 (one still to go)

Researched: Names of light cavalry units. Various words in Finnish.

Accomplishments: Broke 50k on People of the Earth in 19 days (a record for me).

High point of the week: Going to the local farmers’ market on Saturday.

Bad thing: The doctor thinks something’s wrong with my heart. 😕

The High Life: Hmm. Can’t think of anything offhand.

About this time in a speedwriting month, I begin to ask myself, “Why am I doing this?”

I love the story, and I’m having a great time with telling the tale, but it can be brutal. My body is telling me to stop typing, stop sitting, etc.  I start second-guessing myself … “should I have made a stronger plot?” … “do I have a clear enough antagonist?”

I have to just say STOP to the internal critic. The second-guessing is for editing, not writing. I have to get up and take a walk, and tell myself that this is going well. Not everyone writes a quarter of a book in 7 days.

Sorry about blowing off the Thursday update, it completely slipped my mind.


Appointments: 1

Researched: How to say ‘hello’ in Arabic. The definition of fascism. How many generations it would take to get to Proxima Centauri at one g acceleration. Did a refresher on peak oil, and learned about oil wells.

Accomplishment: Still writing a story a day.

High point of the week: Finished editing Sick Dude Coming. Woot.

Bad thing: I have a health issue that lends to anemia. I had to go back on the meds this week, as I was practically falling over. Oh, and my sister went into the hospital on Tuesday. Prayers or whatever you do appreciated.

The High Life: Not much on that account this week. Sorry to disappoint ya.

They say the more you hurt, the stupider you act.

Two people who I respect very much are hurting badly today. If you pray, please pray for them.