February 2009

Daily routines of notable people

I have trouble relating to the whole “gotta write fiction every day” thing. But I do have a routine.

I get up at 6 am on school days, make breakfast, then check email until the kids are ready for school, then after getting home, do whatever I am doing that day, usually at the computer starting around 9 or so, with breaks for housework, yard work, and tending to the animals.

I write (blog, journal, whatever) every day. It’s part of who I am.

But I can’t write fiction every day.

The desire to write fiction seems to come during warm months these days, but I never know when it’s going to happen. But an idea will come that I have to write, and I can’t NOT work on it. I have been known to work for eight or ten hours on a story a day for days straight when it happens, and not feel stressed about it at all. It’s fun.

Then I can go months without a single story happening.

If I don’t have an idea, it seems stupid to waste time sitting at a blank page. I just go read in that case, and sooner or later I’m blogging somewhere.

This lady seems to agree with me (very funny, safe for work):

One thing that struck me about this video is the idea of creativity coming from the divine, taking the pressure off a person to BE a genius rather than CHANNEL the genius.

Now if only I could get this genius thing to edit better …


Right now I’m taking Holly Lisle’s How to Think Sideways class (the 12 month edition, which I recommend if you’re coming off a slump, have a lot of outside work going on, or are in general a busy person, as it’s the same lessons, only once every two weeks instead of once a week), and it has been just what I needed.

The first lesson is deceptively simple: what are four barriers (she says THE four barriers) to success?

At first I thought this was one of those first class ‘gimme’ lessons, but when I really took a look and did the work on it, boy, it kicked my butt.

The thing I like best about this class is that you’re assigned to a workgroup. We’re having some very thought-provoking discussions that are changing the way I look at life in general and writing in particular.

And the second class homework is one of those assignments that is so outright FUN that I look forward to working on the project more. (Yeah, it’s a project, already!) I’m getting excited about writing again.

Anyway, if it sounds interesting go by and check it out here. You can start the series at any time, she just assigns the workgroups as a bunch of people join up.