December 2008

Police in Galveston get the wrong house, kidnap and assault 12 year old girl

Undercover police grab a 12 year old girl outside her home. Who they claim they thought was a hooker. When she and her father fought back, they charged the family with assault.

Now she has nightmares of being beaten and raped by police. I wonder why.


I haven’t put in a plug for my deviantART community, Fifty Word Fiction, in a while, but if you have any interest in microfiction, stop by. Mostly what it is involves getting people to write very short stories, which the ‘deviations’ link to. Some people use the site for prompts as well, for longer works.

Hope to see you over there! Joining deviantART is free (but you can read without joining, too).

Anyone done hosting with GoDaddy? I got this bitchin’ idea for a website.