June 2008

I’m sure some of you have seen this before, but I ran across this just now:

Membership Has its Disadvantages

I wouldn’t say whites suffer disadvantages from being white. I mean, in a racist system, relative to persons of color whites clearly are ADvantaged, other things being equal or nearly so. But I would say that whiteness carries a cost, even for those who benefit from its privileges, and that despite the relative advantatges there are certain harms, consequences, or perhaps dysfunctional aspects that are worth talking about.

On a basic level, one might consider the harms that come from racial privilege if, by virtue of that privilege, one remains isolated from others. So, to live in an almost all white neighborhood, thanks to past and present housing bias, as about 85% of whites do, means huge advantages in terms of wealth and assets, but also means that we’re cut off from the experiences, cultures and contributions of people of color—to our own detriment in terms of being functionally literate and interculturally competent for a country that is increasingly non-white, and a world that never was white to begin with. And while that isolation and ignorance might not have mattered in an earlier era, now it does.

Well worth a complete read.

(found via stuff white people do)


Where the hell is Matt?

And in other news, Ragamuffin would make a kickass movie!

Just got done with a novel opening workshop over at Forward Motion, one of the best yet.

If you’ve never checked them out you should, it’s a great place.

And my copy of Ragamuffin finally arrived! This is going to be good. 😀

“Kythera” got another rejection. I’m searching for someone who likes steampunk flash, who’s taking submissions, and who actually pays something.

Any ideas?