My spouse, after coming home from work, always brings in the mail. Today, a package sat on the counter.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“Oh, that got sent to us by mistake, it’s for someone else.”

(Guess I forgot to tell the spouse what my pen name is, cause it’s addressed to me. From Tobias Buckell.)

So after explaining it to the spouse (who by this time is curious as to why I’m getting mail to another name and btw, who’s Tobias Buckell?) I open it and

it’s an Advance Uncorrected Proof for Sly Mongoose!

Which does not come out until August.


(I emailed Tobias just to make sure I was really supposed to have this.)

Now, you know how much I have been waiting for my paperback copy of Ragamuffin to get here … I’m about ready to go to the library and get a copy just so I can read it. No, I’m going to B&N. My daughter’s been begging to go for a couple weeks now. Amazon won’t send my copy until June 3rd and this is serious business now.