Instead of posting all over creation what I’m up to (like I’ve been doing), everything’s going here. I’m seriously out of time for the luxury of posting the same thing in multiple places.

That said:

Did a bit of a story (911 words) over at FM today as a final assignment example for the class I ran this month on designing a non-human MC. I liked doing the class, some people came up with things I’d never considered.

If you’re a writer and haven’t heard of Forward Motion, you really should go check it out.

Almost done reading a novel for my crit group (also over at FM), but today I did a bunch of admin stuff for the group. Fortunately it only needs to be done every so often.

Haven’t heard back on the short stories out there. I only have two out; my goal was one per month this year. Grr, that means I need to edit the ones I’ve had critted too. But I won’t get any good at editing if I don’t edit.