Steve Buchheit made an interesting comment on the last post. Many people prepare a soundtrack for their novels, which gives the mood for writing the scenes that go with it.

This usually happens to involve whatever my teenagers are listening to at the time, but rather than a soundtrack, there’s often a song in my head associated with the story.

For Freedom, it was “Feel Good” by the Gorillaz (It’s a silly song but for me it captures one of the relationships in the story). For Sick Dude Coming, it was “Bodies” by Drowning Pool, for obvious reasons. “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol makes me think of the second half of The Tachyon People.

Several stories don’t have a song to them yet. I think Baroque music would go well with Clan Twelve. The others, nothing yet.

Do you have a song or a soundtrack for your stories? Have you ever been inspired to write by a song?