Paperback Writer has a fun meme today … showing off the images she made in conjunction with her books, either to promote the work or to inspire writing. What a great idea!

I don’t have anything published, but I do like to make images about my stories, usually for sigs during NaNo. There are several that I’d like to make still.

Here are the two I’ve done so far:

Those of you who did the crit will recognize Lorelei, Brienne, Thomas, and Hannah. I got rid of Hannah’s glasses later on, as hopefully we won’t need those things in the 24th century…

I thought this encapsulated the conflicting issues in the story, as well as the play on words in the title.

Now I want to do more of these. I’ll put them up as I do them.

Do any of you use images when you’re writing? Post links to them if you like.