-worked on editing Freedom: needs a rewrite. Also needed more research, which I’ve been doing all year. Learned a hell of a lot about racism.

-ran the Fifty Word Fiction group on deviantART

-started the Novel Club crit group on FM

-did 4 full length novel crits

-wrote Test of Time

-worked on editing The Tachyon People (my 2YN) and did 2YN lessons #42-#81

-worked on editing Clan Twelve

-wrote 31 stories in the Story A Day on FM

-finished editing Sick Dude Coming and got it critiqued

-wrote People of the Earth

-went to SoonerCon, my first writers’ con

-did an outline for Esfera Valerosa

-did a first read-through on Double Cross and some editing

-overall with blogs/forums, wrote about 400k this year, about 160k being story words

Not a bad year overall.