January 2008

Remember this Star Trek spoof?

Jim Carrey looks so young there. LOL


This excellent video comes courtesy of Nezua:

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Not too bad. 🙂

This novel_in_90 group on LiveJournal has been just what I needed to get going again.

One thing I like about it is that you HAVE to write, EVERY day. No breaks, but then it’s not a huge amount, just 750 words. For undisciplined me, it’s been a good thing.

Justine Larbalestier has a great article on how to rewrite. Go read it.

(Found it by way of John Scalzi’s blog. If you’re not reading that one, you should be.)

I joined the Novel in 90 group over at LiveJournal, and right now it’s helping me get that kick in the pants to write again. As you can see by the wordcount bar.

The idea is to write 750 words a day for 90 days, every day. Or they mock you, which I find amusing.

-worked on editing Freedom: needs a rewrite. Also needed more research, which I’ve been doing all year. Learned a hell of a lot about racism.

-ran the Fifty Word Fiction group on deviantART

-started the Novel Club crit group on FM

-did 4 full length novel crits

-wrote Test of Time

-worked on editing The Tachyon People (my 2YN) and did 2YN lessons #42-#81

-worked on editing Clan Twelve

-wrote 31 stories in the Story A Day on FM

-finished editing Sick Dude Coming and got it critiqued

-wrote People of the Earth

-went to SoonerCon, my first writers’ con

-did an outline for Esfera Valerosa

-did a first read-through on Double Cross and some editing

-overall with blogs/forums, wrote about 400k this year, about 160k being story words

Not a bad year overall.