November 2007

I completely agree with this article: Dreaming forward

Failing to vote means you are failing to be free. If you have the right and the freedom to vote, and you don’t, how can you then say you are oppressed? We have laws and regulations, Constitutional Amendments and proclamations that declare you are free, and that give you the freedom and the right to not only vote, but to defend your right to vote and to take to court anyone who infringes upon that right. We have abolished poll taxes and literacy tests and hiding the polling places and a slew of other obstacles just so you can vote as easily as possible – and you still don’t vote? All that work to bring you into the fold of America, to share with you the freedom and the responsibility of being American – rights and freedoms your ancestors said you wanted, rights and freedoms your ancestors fought and died to procure for you – and you don’t vote?

Don’t tell me you are oppressed when you do nothing to free yourself from that oppression.

Read the whole thing, there’s much more. An eloquent plea for Americans to finally BE Americans instead of spoiled brats.


A friend just sent me the link to this. What a voice this guy has!

Over the last six months, I have learned about serious issues in America which could lead us to a economic collapse that would make the Great Depression look like a minor downturn. Here are just a few. If you have never heard of one of these, I’ve provided links to good overviews.

Peak oil
Another inconvenient truth:
Water shortages
Our drinkable water supply is vanishing:
Declining wheat inventories, due to drought and increasing demand
Wheat Rises as Declining U.S. Crop Reduces Global Inventories
Projected metal shortages
Measure of Metal Supply Finds Future Shortage
Dwindling US gasoline reserves
Peak Oil Crisis: Minimum Operating Levels Redux
Widespread death and disappearance of honeybees, required for pollinating hundreds of food crops (aka Colony Collapse Disorder)
We have lost the ability and knowledge to grow our own food
A matter of national security
Subprime mortgages, rampant debting and more.
Recession without romance

Take these as you will. It’s criminal how the media doesn’t bring these to our attention. As my friends and family I wanted to let you know about them. If you don’t like the particular article (too liberal, too conservative), then google the topic and find out for yourself. I’ll leave it up to you as to what to do with the information.

Please be safe this holiday season.
Please DO NOT go into debt buying for the holidays.
Please focus on paying off any debt you have.
If you have any money, please get at least as emergency prepared as the government sites tell you to.

I’ll post more on this later.

Today is Thanksgiving day in the US and I hope all of you are having a great day.

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I’ve never had this long a case of writers’ block before.

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