Well, (as Sam said) I’m back.

Appointments: 3 (although the last one I canceled)

Researched: What happens when you lose your cell phone (Heh. More trouble for Joel (Tachyon People‘s MC).) The attitude of Catholics in southern CA towards “living together”/being on the Pill/etc.

Accomplishments: My compost is done! I’ve been spreading it all over. I also got my 401k situation (a holdover from when I used to actually work) straightened out.

High point of the week: Took the boys to get some replacement koi for the ones I (accidentally) killed a couple of weeks ago. It was a hoot seeing them confer and select their fish.

Bad thing: Forward Motion has been down for a couple days now.

The High Life: I have yet to find any this week. But I did get to sit by the pond for a while yesterday. It’s starting to cool off so the humidity and mosquitoes aren’t too bad anymore.

How’s your week been?