Story ideas: where do you get them?

I don’t know where you get them, but something that’s helped me is the use of a prompt. Go Google ‘story prompts’ and you’ll find enough free prompts for the rest of your life.

The general idea is that something (a phrase, a picture, a story character) helps stir up a story inside you. Some people find them helpful, others don’t. But if you’re new to writing (and even if you aren’t), story prompts can give you ideas you might not get otherwise.

You can even combine two or more prompts (a picture and a character prompt, or a random plot with a genre prompt) to make the story more interesting.

A good exercise is to go to a random prompt generator site like Seventh Sanctum and pick a prompt generator. To make it even more interesting, try writing a story from the first one you get. Make it as wacky as you like. We’re just playing around here.

Try a genre or a writing style you’ve never tried before. The story itself might not be something you want to sell, but it might inspire ideas about another story, which might be better.

Ideas are not hard to come by. Even good ideas are not difficult to find. The way you write those ideas is what makes the difference. So get out there and start writing! šŸ™‚

(I say, as one who has slacked off for the last two weeks, doing but a dabble of editing and some reading through most of it. Ah, but it’s summer… )