July was a good month. Busy, but good. Wrote 60k story words, haven’t counted up the blog words yet. Had fun in CA visiting family.

August will be spent working on Tachyon People — lots of editing still to be done there. I’ll also be writing a story for Forward Motion’s Labor of Love challenge at the end of the month. You write as much as you can in four days. Mwahahaha.

I like to use these for more experimental type stories — Double Cross was written last year at this time. Any time you can write stuff you don’t think you’ll ever publish, go for it. The more crappy angsty bizarre free-association stuff you get out of your system, the more room there is for the good stuff to develop. At least, that’s my take on it. 😀

Besides, you never know what’s going to turn out well. I didn’t expect it to be very good, but Double Cross isn’t half bad, and it might even sell with some editing and worldbuilding work.

What are you all planning for the rest of the summer?