July 2007

I’ll be gone with my kids to visit family in CA. Be back Sunday.


The first draft of People of the Earth is done. I’m pretty happy with it. πŸ˜€

Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell

Short version: Just go get it. πŸ™‚

Long version: John deBrun (love the name) is a man with a wife and teenage son living in Nanagada, a jungle land populated by space-traveling descendants of the Caribbean Islands. He can’t remember his past before he met his wife. Which is a problem, because everyone seems to want the knowledge they think he has in his head, including two warring alien races!

Throw in an invasion by Nanagada’s ancient enemy, the Azteca (propped up by one of the alien races), and you have a great page-turner of a story.

Tobias Buckell has done a wonderful job of making Nanagada feel real. It’s amazing to me that this is his first novel. I’m seriously impressed.

It’s been a while.

Appointments: 4 (one still to go)

Researched: Names of light cavalry units. Various words in Finnish.

Accomplishments: Broke 50k on People of the Earth in 19 days (a record for me).

High point of the week: Going to the local farmers’ market on Saturday.

Bad thing: The doctor thinks something’s wrong with my heart. πŸ˜•

The High Life: Hmm. Can’t think of anything offhand.

I think we’re on week 4

Well, I got distracted by this book (and some other things that meant I didn’t finish the book yet) and forgot to mention I did eat local yesterday. It’s been hot as hell here, and I didn’t feel much like eating, so I just had a salad. A bunch of different kinds of lettuce (the oak leaf is doing well right now) with a couple thick slabs of one of my big red tomatoes. Some red wine vinegar on top and parsley flakes, and I was set.

Still don’t have pictures (and you won’t of this one, since I ate it then remembered the picture) which is a shame. It was purdy.

I just got a copy of Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell today in the mail for free (paperback, no less!). All I gotta do is tell you all how I like it.

This is gonna be easy. πŸ˜€

(hint: go right freakin’ now and buy the thing! I mean day-um, Caribbeans in space! Air ships! Weird alien politicking with humans caught in the middle! And I’m not even halfway through the book.)

Ahem. I’ll have a more formal review when I’m finished the book (which will probably happen before I go to bed tonight… LOL).


John Scalzi is giving away copies of his book, just for you.

So if you’re US active duty, sitting there in Iraq or Afghanistan (or some other place), looking for a good read, check it out!

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