I ran across this website that’s doing a challenge called One Local Summer, (if you’re just now reading this, they have a new website here) and since I’m usually up for a challenge and never tried this before, I decided to do it. Basically what you do is have one meal a week where everything on the menu is made locally. You can choose what local means to you; I decided that since Oklahoma isn’t all that big I would try to keep it inside OK but one state to each side is all right.

So here was dinner today:

The package on the noodles said “Garden Rotelli” so that’s what I’m calling this. My kids call it curly noodles, and they came from Missouri (the noodles, not the kids). The sauce on top is ground buffalo from OK, with tomatoes, green onions, and snow peas, all from my garden. I put some powdered garlic and “italian seasoning” in there too. Yum.

The bread and cheese are both from OK. I buttered the bread and put grated cheese and more powdered garlic on it then broiled it.

Everyone liked it and it was local too, more or less. So there ya go. This wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.