I think I’ll keep this title for a while, I like it.

Appointments: 2

Researched: I don’t know that I did any research this week, other than the usual reading in Not Me blogs (which I started reading for research purposes and now read because I like other viewpoints).

Accomplishments: Went to my first writer’s con.

High point of the week: Meeting Stephen R. Donaldson and Claudia Christian (both really nice people who look much better in real life than in pictures), along with a bunch of other great authors and artists.

Bad thing: Being so tired when I got home I couldn’t write much for a couple days afterwards.

The High Life: Got to help out in the Green Room at SoonerCon, which is how I got to meet and chat with all these cool people. Also went to the party on Saturday night (aka “SinnerCon”), which was a lot of fun.

Overall this was a good week.