…and you don’t even know them?

There’s someone like that I want to say thanks to.

I don’t know much about Lazette Gifford, other than a very small picture on her website. She’s the admin for Forward Motion, a forum site for writers who want to be published. It’s one of the best-run forums I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been on a lot of them). It’s a place where you can go to discuss writing without it being hijacked by people with an agenda, one of a very few of its kind on the internet.

That’s just the beginning.

Zette is also a multi-published writer who has been known to consistently write from 2k to 10k a day. She does amazing art and photography. A very busy lady.

But if you have a problem, she’s right there. I’ve never PM’d or emailed her and had it take more than a day for her to get back to me, in the two years I’ve known her.

What I appreciate most is her willingness to both share what she knows (she gives a two year weekly class on novel writing for free) and to support other writers. She allowed me to make my own private critique group on her website. She runs Vision: A Resource for Writers, a free online magazine, and pays writers from her own pocket.

She gets lots of people who complain even so, people who want her to make her site what it’s not, or just don’t appreciate what she’s doing. Margaret Fisk came up with the idea of showing our appreciation to Lazette today.

So thanks, Zette, for everything.