I’ve never been much of an activist, but one issue I do embrace is hunger.

Last week, four members of Congress tried to live on $21 worth of food (the average amount you get in food stamps a week in America–the minimum is $10 a month, something that hasn’t changed since the 70’s).  The blog of their experiences is worth reading. It infuriates me that out of something like 400 members of Congress, only four were willing to take the challenge.

Just try to imagine eating for $21 a week in the US. Try feeding your children on that.

Imagine you’re a child who instead of being excited about summer vacation, dreads summertime because your free breakfast and lunch is going away.

Life is not all roses in America, if you’re poor.

Please don’t come here and give me crap about ‘oh if they’d just get up and work…’  Most people on food stamps have jobs, sometimes two or three. Most still have homes, such as they are. Most are people you wouldn’t notice otherwise, except they’re spending most of their time and energy trying not to let their children starve.

When we don’t even feed our own children adequately, what is this saying about us as a nation?