Not a good combo:

The Insidious Double D’s

The example they just gave makes me think the poor guy had already signed and paid.

This is your book, yes. But you need to have some perspective. One book does not a career make. If you’re so desperate to sell that one book that you’d pay someone to ‘look at it’ (Which is not selling your book; rather, you’re giving them money to make you feel good. I’ll leave it at that.) then you’ve lost all dignity.

Get a grip, people! If you just want your name on something printed, go to For around ten bucks, you’ll have a bound book with your name on it. Shiny. (It’s great for a printed draft for a read-through when you work directly on the computer like I do.) But if you want a career, you need to approach this in a professional manner.

Write the book. Write another book. Edit the first book. Get it critiqued. No, none of this should cost you a penny. Write another book. Edit the first one again, listening to what your critiquers have said. Write another book. Let someone read through the first book, and when it’s ready, send it out to legitimate agents. Edit the second book. Rinse and repeat.

You get the picture? Career = you have more than one book to offer the world. It means, most of all, you’re getting paid.