Decrees from the Dictator of Writing.

I especially like the part about having had some sort of life before going from high school to English major to MFA. What are you planning on writing ABOUT, pray tell, if you don’t?

Actually, I like all of them. we haven’t been in debt other than a mortgage since forever. (and we made a tidy bundle moving from CA to OK at the top of the CA housing boom, I’ll tell ya right now)  I was health editor for two+ years for a rather large subscription business website, and I really could care less about impressing anyone, much less other writers. Being almost 45 years old helps, I suppose, although I’ve seen enough clueless middle-aged people to fill a large stadium.

I don’t think you have to go to school to learn to write. I think you learn to write like you learn to tie your shoes and ride a bike. You sit down and do it. Then you do it some more. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 95 (although at those two extremes, getting an agent might be tricky). Practice makes better.

So if you’re feeling inferior because you don’t have some fancy title, stop. Someone picking up your book off the shelf at Barnes and Noble isn’t going to care one bit if you have an MFA. All they care about is whether the story’s good.