Hello, again.  Still haven’t found that witty title. Any suggestions?

Appointments: 2 (one had to be rescheduled and is later today)

Researched: Jousting and medieval tournaments. Shoemaking. The coast of western Europe, and port cities there. The history of map-making. Symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis (more of a refresher than anything else, it’s been a while). Training for firefighters. Whether you could turn plastic into petroleum (you can).

Sound fun? I thought it was.

Accomplishment: Wrote a story every day. The tomatoes out back are making little flowers and the snow peas are coming up.

High point of the week: Two people wrote stories for a group writing site I help run. It’s been lacking in participation lately.

Bad thing: One of my sons had the stomach flu.

The High Life: The water grasses around the koi pond are coming in nicely, and the air is warm in the evenings. Sitting with a glass of wine out on the porch next to the pond, listening to the waterfall–that’s the high life for me.