Last Thursday I think I was too traumatized by certain life things to post. I’ll try to do better.

But today’s Thursday again, so let’s give it a try.

Appointments: 1

Researched: What didn’t I research this week? I’m doing the Story a Day over at Forward Motion. The Latin liturgy in medieval times. What the Earth looks like from the face of Mars. The structure of the Sun, and solar deities. United Airlines flight schedules and where exactly NORAD is.

Accomplishments: I wrote a story every day this month so far, how’s that?

High point of the week: I realized I have now written over 100 short stories/articles. Which gives me a nice new pip over at Forward Motion.

Bad thing: Rain almost constantly for the past two weeks, with one night of the NOAA radio going off every two hours or so with tornado warnings. That wasn’t fun.

The High Life: I’ve decided the author life is officially boring. But I like it.