Still haven’t come up with a witty headline. Any ideas?

Appointments: 2

Researched: Child abuse statistics. Got triggered a bit by it, and by writing a post about the subject on another blog today. If you know what triggering means then you know what it means. I don’t write about the stuff I write about out of nowhere, and neither should you.

Accomplishments: Some partials this week: partly filled the planter (I’m out of shape, which sucks); almost finished editing Clan Twelve (got a nice pass done this week, though).

High point of the week: Had a leak in my koi pond. Called the company that put the pond in, they said they’d be by in a day or two and fix it. No one knocked or called for three days. So I went out today to check on the pond, thinking I’d have to refill it yet again … and it was fixed, just like that. I was blown away. Garden Ponds Unlimited, best customer service ever.

Bad thing: My daughter was just diagnosed with a chronic illness. It runs in the family. Hopefully the treatment can get it under control.

The High Life: um, yeah. I’ll get back to you on that.

I love writing; it’s just life I can’t stand.