In honor of International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day, I’m happy to present:

RoboLand by P. L. Logan

“What seems to be the trouble?”

“It’s Sarah. Our RoboMom went in for its five-year maintenance and she just lies there and cries. She won’t eat, can’t sleep. I tried to go in and hold her but she said it wasn’t the same…she said she wants her Mommy. But I’m her mother!” The woman broke down. “Everyone said this was best for her development, that I could have my career and a child too. I’m the CEO of a multinational corporation…but my daughter thinks a machine is her mother!”

He nodded, his tone comforting. “Sometimes children become confused. It’s normal. Just tell her that Mommy will be home soon, as soon as she gets well.”

“You want me to lie?”

“Not at all. When are you picking it up from the shop?”

“Tomorrow. But I’m not sure if I want that thing in my house anymore.”

“But why not? This only proves your child is getting all the love and care she needs. Otherwise, she wouldn’t react so strongly to the RoboMom’s absence.” He patted her hand across the desk. “Just think if you hadn’t gotten one. All the hours you’ve been gone, the times you’ve missed in her life. She would be a nervous wreck by now.

“In the olden days, people sent their children from stranger to stranger and paid for it! Who knows what disease or abnormal behaviors children got from those people? That’s one reason there was so much strife back then. Now you can rest assured that your child is in good hands. And when RoboMom is back tomorrow, things will get better, you’ll see.”

The woman nodded. “Okay.” She smiled at him. “Thanks for listening.”

“My pleasure, ma’am.” He turned as she left and downloaded their exchange, placing his finger into the socket. The RoboCS representative said, “Send the next customer in please.”