Need to think of some witty header for this.

Appointments: 3, including one later today.

Researched: The size banquet hall needed for 7,000 people, and how big kitchen facilities to feed them all at once would be. Also looked at restaurant kitchen layout design and the size a space station had to be to use rotation to comfortably produce artificial gravity.

Accomplishments: Finished the planter. We had a couple days of rain and the posts went in the ground just fine.

High point of the week: Went to Lowe’s and bought a bunch of garden stuff.

Pages edited this month so far: 224. But I need to do a lot of them over. Line edits: yeah, we’re good. But there’s writing/rewriting needed.

Bad Thing: Other than the news? Driving my daughter an extra half hour one way to find out her braces wire wasn’t broken like we all thought it was. They have so much hardware in the kid’s mouth it’s incredible.

The High Life: I’m almost caught up on the laundry. That’s how sexy this week’s been.

So how’s your week been?