No, Pat hasn’t gone any more wacko than usual. I happen to like Thursdays.

It’s a writing day, and I like writing. The kids are at school and the spouse is at work. It’s quiet, and the worst of the week is over. Also, I have synesthesia, and Thursday is a nice red-brown.

It seemed like a good time to look back over the week. If you all like this, I’ll try to remember to do it again next Thursday.

Appointments: 2

Researched: The name of the Adam’s apple in Chinese. (it’s hou jie, which means ‘throat knot’) Also looked at the NASA site re: life support issues on a space station. (which is the setting for Clan Twelve, btw)

Accomplishments: Putting together the planter kit out back. Got the hardware screwed onto the boards (<3 power drills), just have to hammer the thing into the ground (aka hardened concrete). I’ll have to water first, but I’m hoping this storm tonight does it for me. Also got a novel crit done.

High point of the week: Had sent an email to Randy Ingermanson (the Snowflake Method guy), since he’s a physicist and I’m writing a story about tachyons … well, he answered, and is willing to answer some questions. Another step to getting that story done.

Bad Thing: Got sidetracked the other day and was ten minutes late picking up the boys. Sheesh.

Pages edited so far this month: 141

The High Life: The spouse bought me a bottle of wine…I guess that qualifies. I’m one of the few that detests beer, unlike my spouse, who loves it. Go figure.

Hope you all are having a good week so far.