Well, as far as writing goes. I wrote almost 56k on Tachyon People this month. It’s close to being finished in first draft. The story went a direction I never thought it would, out of necessity. I had written much too short an outline when I made the outline a year ago. Live and learn. It’s a much better story (IMHO) than it would have been in the original outline.

So far, I’m still pretty much on track with my original schedule. I’m reconsidering doing the Story-a-Day in May. I have so many projects going now that I’m not sure writing 30 new stories is a good idea. We’ll see. It’s a great idea as far as getting more writing done, but my problem isn’t writing, it’s editing. I’m a decent non-fiction editor, but not so great at fiction editing.

So now I’m going into April with a major editing job to do on Clan Twelve.  Got lousy reactions on the crits last year, mostly revolving around poor writing and low tension, which shouldn’t be. Time to put all the things I’ve learned over the last year into action. Wish me luck.