Nothing about writing. Everything about fairness. I’m pissed.

A fourteen year old girl got a one to seven year prison term last year for shoving a hall monitor (a 58 year old teacher’s aide) at her school in Texas. The girl doesn’t deny she shoved the woman but states the woman wouldn’t let her go to the school nurse to get her medications and shoved her first when she tried to pass.

She had no prior contact with the police, and a girl the same age was sentenced to probation by the same judge three months earlier for burning down a house.

This girl’s mother had complained about her child being treated unfairly earlier and feels that this is retaliation for her complaints. The girl had been written up in the weeks prior for such serious offenses such as wearing her dress too short and filling a paint jar too full in art class after her mother complained.

Chicago Tribune story

The Judge’s side of the story

More information and how you can help

This is serious. A child is sitting in jail for pushing someone. She didn’t kill someone or do drugs or anything worth being in jail for. This could be you or your friend or your child. Please pass this information along to everyone you know.

I hate doing this but if you let this go you’re basically saying this is okay to do to a kid. It’s not. This is wrong.

(edited to add: Take a look at Boycott Texas. This is what I plan to do, since I don’t live in Texas.)