I can see a lot of people are reading the writing series. But not many of you are participating. I’m thinking this is because you fall into one of these categories:

  • overwhelmed (it’s too much for you to digest)
  • feel it’s too much work to do the exercises
  • reading at work and/or in the middle of doing something else
  • afraid to post because you think what you wrote is dumb
  • not noobs, just curious to see what I’m saying and you know all this already
  • not serious about writing

So although I’ve got the rest of the series written, I’m going to hold off to let the people in the first four categories have time to think about all this some. I suppose if you’re not going to post, you’re not going to post, but at least consider going back and doing the exercises this weekend, no matter where you fall into.

I’ll see you all on Monday.