A nice thing about Word Press is that they give you blog stats. Along with this comes something called feed stats. There are people reading this through a feed link, which I’m not sure how they got, but it’s cool to have people reading what you write, no matter how they got there. Maybe I’m just showing how old I am and this is ancient news to you all born after the start of the internet.

Maybe someone can bring me into the 21st century here. I see the buttons on other people’s pages to get their readers signed up for feeds but I can’t figure out where you get those. Or maybe this is something everyone already knows how to do so I don’t need one of those buttons.

I’m finding that some things I can do with this blog and others don’t work. Scripts don’t work here. A lot of the fancy widgets don’t work here either. But this is the best blog site I’ve found yet, so I’m happy with it.

Any stuff that I should try on here? I’m not even sure what’s out there for us bloggers.