I’ve got this great novel. Freedom. What a great name. I love this book. My first one, my own, my love, my prec–

uh, you get the picture.

Well, it started as an idea then a story, then one of my characters (my MC, to boot) wouldn’t do what I wanted her to, which was go into the FBI. Turns out she’s horribly prejudiced, and when she broke down in tears at the thought of being around “those people” all day, I realized the story wasn’t done yet.

So I wrote part 2, and have part 3 plotted out.

I’ve created a monster. So what do I do? Is this one huge book, or a trilogy? Or maybe a series?

So then of course panic sets in, because this book is my first, and has all of the first book issues. I’m still working out exactly who this story is about, because it can be about Ms. Prejudiced or it can be a thriller. Not both. And as much as I love my ‘MC’, I love thrillers more.


But then I read this article from Paperback Writer, where she talks about series and what the realities are in selling them. I thought her comments at the end of the comments section were some of the most helpful, about cutting out things that don’t work or aren’t absolutely needed for a stand alone book and saving them for any possible sequels. Seems to me if you do this each time then you have lots of material and can string along tantalize your readers almost indefinitely.

This is just one little point in a whole lot of realities that writers have to deal with if we want to be published. Yours might be different. I have to deconstruct my novel, as they say, and rebuild it. Hopefully, I have the technology. I have to find it somewhere if I don’t want this to end up sitting on some hard drive or in some desk drawer somewhere gathering dust.