I’m reading The Courage to Write: How Writers Transcend Fear these days, and I’m feeling like an oddball. Writing doesn’t scare me at all.

But presentation does. Then it’s out in the wide world, free for anyone to dissect, analyze, misinterpret. Maybe that’s why I’ve never submitted anything. I like to tell myself that I’m not ready, not good enough at writing yet to have a salable manuscript. Yeah, that’s right. Just give me time to make my mystical million words.

So I thought writing this blog might be an easier way to do things. At the risk of sounding the complete wuss, it’s not. But it’s okay. The same questions I ask myself after every post are those every new writer asks:

Why should anyone read this?

What if it’s completely stupid?

What if I make an enemy by doing this?

Ad infinitum.

These are the words that stifle men’s souls (to butcher a great quote), to the point that we hide our stories and delete our blog posts and stay safe.

And unpublished.