There’s too many questions about writing and talking about writing and whining about not being able to write out there today. It’s making my head hurt to read it.

Is it the right genre?

What genre is it?

Will it sell?

What if I can’t finish it?

What if I do finish it?

What if I can’t find an agent?

What if my [whoever you’re afraid will read it] reads it?

Am I doing it right?

Every one of these questions is completely irrelevant to writing. Just shut up and stop whining and questioning yourself and write the story. There is no right way to do art.

There’s no wrong way either. It’s art.

Now, there are some things you can do to make your art more salable, but that’s an entirely different thing. That’s a job for your secret alter ego, SuperEditorPerson. But when you are the writer, you write.

I saw a wonderful thing today. A woman over on Evolution has this five book series that she’s laying out, with a step by step unfolding beauty that I stand in awe of (I’m taking notes). All by herself. No angst, no questioning herself, no endless whining about how she’s going to write someday but she’s just so terribly busy. She just rolled up her sleeves and started writing.

So can you.