I like to keep track of how much I’m writing, reading, doing the various life things. Mainly because I’m the sort of person who can get unbalanced and spend too much time on things that aren’t productive.

I’m writing a lot this month so far. In fact, at one of the writers’ groups I frequent, other writers commented on it. Which is great, it makes me happy when people say ‘good job’. (The ‘good job’ comments aren’t why I write, that’s already been addressed.)

But I’ve been thinking about life and balancing it for a while. My thoughts got another boost when I did something last week. When I get a new bookmark link, I go through the other links and take out at least one that I bookmarked and later didn’t like as well, or one that hasn’t been updated in forever. Pruning, you might say.

What does this have to do with writing? Well, when jotting down what I’ve been doing lately, I took my template from a fellow over on LiveJournal who had ‘TV’ as one of his categories.

I haven’t watched one TV show since the beginning of the year, except for the morning news.

I don’t have anything against TV. There are three TV sets in my house (one of which just died on us). My boys watch TV quite a bit. I just don’t like it well enough to do that over other things.

I’m not saying you have to stop watching TV, or doing anything else you really like. But I realized over the years that unless I’m watching a show with my family, or watching for a purpose (the morning news is important where I live because we have frequent severe weather issues), TV wasn’t relevant to what I wanted to do with my time, which was write.

Where this hits home is an area that I do like. I play computer games. Yesterday I wrote a lot and played a lot, and today my arm hurts.

So what do I cut back on? Where do I prune?

You see, this has everything to do with writing.

I have a choice to make. Either I can write less, or I can play on the computer less. I can, heaven forbid, blog less. (Or perhaps less verbosely. *grin*)

Lots of people say they have no time to write. The fact of the matter is they have the same 24 hours a day as everyone else. The real issue is they haven’t gotten out the shears and pruned.