February 2007

Ever been there? Suddenly, everything you’ve ever written sucks. Or it seems too monumental a task to make it not suck. You just feel hopeless.

Well, I was there a couple days ago. I look at my novels, and I like them. But they are nowhere near salable in the state they’re in. And I don’t know how to make them that way yet.

I suppose I could take the easy way out and hire someone to fix them. But I wouldn’t learn anything that way. I want a magic wand to wave over Freedom and tell me who the protagonist is, and over Clan Twelve and tell me how to put more tension in my scenes, and over all the rest and tell me how to research or edit them properly.

Makes you want to say a bad word.


Check this out:

John Scalzi on writer incomes

I love the progression from 1999 to 2006. And I’m sure Mr. Scalzi was writing well before that.

Anyone who seriously is in this for quick cash needs a shrink.

I finished Test of Time today, but not at the word count I wanted. I tend to rush ahead near the end. Now I get to go back and turn some telling into showing and put in some linking scenes. But I got a good chunk of words in.

This has turned out to be a fun story, one of my best ones yet. I’m pretty happy with it.

I haven’t been blog posting much, because if I want to make my 60k this month I need to write at least 2400 words a day on Test of Time every day until the 28th. So more than that a day, as I don’t intend to write 10 days straight.

It’s been going well. Just a matter of pacing and pruning.

So how’s everyone else doing?

We authors go hat in hand to agents, asking for help in getting our novels published. I say that because although the agent gets our 15% eventually, in reality it seems they do a lot of work before they get paid. Those are the good ones.

But you need to know about the not so good ones. Writer Beware has done an excellent job of clueing us in to these, and I recommend you spend some time reading the blog to find out more. Recently, they’ve given out a new list, this time of publishers to avoid, a sort of Valentines’ Day “watch out, there’s a worm in that chocolate”.

Discuss. Enjoy. Beware.

Of course on the 14th I got absolutely nothing done.

C’est la vie.

I got a chuckle out of Holly Lisle’s comment last month when I posted my schedule for the year, about taking breaks on the weekends.  I kind of take breaks when I feel like it. It might be two weeks, it might be two days. But I always know when it’s time.

When there’s nothing to write, when writing isn’t fun and my mind is mush, it’s time to do something else. Anything.

Sure enough, the next day things will be ‘right as rain.’

(I loved that old lady)

Listening to yourself is a good thing, at least for me.

But I think knowing when it’s time to step away from the keyboard is a necessary tool in the writer’s box of tricks. How do you know when it’s time to go smell the flowers?

Check out my word count bar.

It’ll say something different tomorrow but what it says right now is: 26320 / 60000 (43.87%)

Which is exciting considering I started this pup on Feb. 1 and this is the 13th.

I love marathon writing.

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