I spent a good amount of time last night looking through the Fantasy Rants page. I like what this person has to say. There’s a lot there that can be extrapolated to SF writing.

I read some of these rants to my spouse who said, “You’re going to have to decide whether you want to please the critics or the public. I don’t care about whether something is written according to someone’s rules, I just care if it’s fun to read.”

And of course the spouse is always right.

If I had the choice between a fun read and a properly written read, of course I’d choose fun! Hey, I’m a genre writer! But I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive. Often, what makes something not fun to read is some error in writing craft. Telling for pages and pages. Lame plotting. Boring, two-dimensional characters. And the like. People will say, “This book just wasn’t as fun,” or “as good,” not knowing what the issue is, just that they didn’t like it.

Our job is to make this look easy. *grin*