51jMrOM6TBL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ While doing research for my novel I ran across Murder on the Mountain by Jamie Fessenden and bought it.

This is the story of a widowed bisexual detective, Kyle Dubois, who is investigating the murder of a young man. The body is found by Jesse Morales, who just finished college and wants to write mystery novels.

Jesse wants to learn as much as he can about crime investigation to write his novels; Kyle wants this kid away from his crime scene.

What they both want is to be with each other.

Jesse wants to help; Kyle wants Jesse safe. Jesse is dealing with his obnoxious co-worker ex; Kyle is dealing with the death of his wife, his bi-virgin status, and insecurity at the age difference between them.

But Jesse is a persistent little cuss, inserting himself both into the crime investigation and into Kyle’s affections, to the point that things get much too serious – and deadly.

There are some fairly funny scenes (Kyle has to deal with his slightly homophobic yet good-natured partner) as well as some excellent description.

The only real criticism I have is that it dragged a bit at the beginning. But halfway through, I couldn’t put it down. Definitely reading more from this author.

I give this four thumbs up!

four thumbs up

While doing research for my bisexual erotic romance novel, I ran across Marketing Beef: A Gay Romance by Rick Bettencourt and bought it.

Marketing Beef is about an accountant named Evan McCormick who falls for the new guy at work (who is way above his pay grade). A complication involves financial scandal in his company; as the accountant, Evan falls under suspicion.

From the title and blurb, I thought the story would take place in the office. Most of the novel took place while camping, though, and I kept wondering when they were going to get back to the office. I enjoy camping, but the business issues framed the camping trips rather than being an integral part of the plot. While their ‘big fight’ revolved around the scandal, the issue felt tacked on.

The main character and plot lines sometimes seemed contrived – painfully shy yet has multiple former lovers, all who ‘somehow’ end up at the same place? Hmm.

There was one place where I had to page back because of confusion about ‘what body part is going where’ … which may have been an editing issue more than anything else.

That said, the novel was entertaining and had several very funny scenes (‘egg’ in the hair, anyone?). It’s a good solid novel which anyone who enjoys m/m romance would like.

I’ll give this three thumbs up. Nice work.


three thumbs up


Some people call this the “log line” or some other such thing, but it’s basically one sentence which tells what you book is about. I think I called the “one sentence blurb” somewhere else.

For example, the story of The Hobbit might read:

A hobbit is persuaded by a wizard to accompany eleven dwarves in order to break into their former home, which is currently occupied by a dragon.

Or something like that.

So what’s my upcoming wild ride? Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

A cattle rancher returns home to find his lover dying and must renegotiate his relationship with his soulmate: her husband.

I’m writing a more mundane novel for NaNoWriMo (book #2 in my series), but once I’m done with that this one is next on the queue.

I’m writing a novel (the first of a series) which publishes in six weeks and decided to resurrect this blog, simply because I want to write a spin-off which spins into erotica. Having a nom de plume comes in handy in cases such as these.

So I’ll be doing a bit of tidying here, and most likely will change this to a hosted blog somewhere. I’ll let any of you still following  know where that ends up.

This sure applies to writing:

Nice article on The Rise and Fall of the Techno-Thriller on this month’s Internet Review of Science Fiction.

Is this thing on? Anyone still here?

Well —

I got to preview Holly Lisle’s How to Revise Your Novel, and the first lesson is pretty good! I dug out the original copy of Freedom that I got bound in that offer Lulu.com gave back during NaNo 2005 to use for my revision. That book has given me more fits than any other one I’ve written, so I figured it’s a good test run as to whether this class is any good. ;)

If you want to be in the first class in January 2010, just go to the link above and sign up to be on the announcement list for when enrollment starts.


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